Mesotherapy is an alternative delivery system of medication to the middle layer of skin called the Mesoderm. Originally a medical technique devised in 1958 by Frenchman Dr Michel Pistor to treat such conditions as Rhumatology, Sports Traumatology, Infectious diseases, Vascular diseases and the improvement of circulation, Mesotherapy has subsequently been extremely successful in the treatment of aesthetic conditions.

The method of delivery is intradermal using fine needles injecting small amounts of homeopathic medicine immediately beneath the surface of the skin to break down the cellulite and to improve circulation and lymphatic and venous drainage. Weight loss and the reduction of cellulite are some of the many benefits and can be effectively managed with the use of Mesotherapy. By stimulating the mesoderm, or middle layer of the skin, in turn helps to disburse the cellulite. The treatment takes about ten minutes and is not painful. After the treatment you can return to normal activities. The addition of Vitamin C to the mixture encourages the tone and quality of the overlying skin. To read an article on mesotherapy, click here.


Dermosonic combines two medically proven synergistic modalities, ultrasound and non-invasive subdermal therapy (N.I.S.T.), for exceptional cellulite reduction, localized fat reduction, body contouring and skin treatments.

How does the Dermosonic work?

Step 1: Ultrasound improves local blood circulation, promotes the breakdown of fibrous tissue to release cellulite nodules, increases reabsorption of local edema (swelling), enhances the disintegration of fats and prepares tissue for the next step.

Step 2: N.I.S.T. helps mobilize and eliminate fatty deposits, stimulates circulation, promotes the reabsorption and drainage of retained fluids and toxins and improves the overall elasticity and quality of the skin.

How do treatments feel?

Dermosonic treatments do not pinch, roll or bruise the skin so treatments are not only pain free, they feel good.

How many treatments are needed?

Depending on your age and lifestyle, treatments are recommended one to two times per week for a total of 8-12 treatment with follow-up treatments every 6-8 weeks.


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