What is Scenar?

Scenar is a healing device, originally developed by scientists in the Soviet Union as a healing device for cosmonauts. Scenar is accepted by the US FDA for use as a class II Cybernetic Biofeedback Device for relaxation training and muscle reeducation. Scenar is also certified in Europe for pain control. Because there are no drugs, only low levels of electrical stimulation, treatment leaves the mind alert, and there are no limitations imposed on a person's normal daily activities.

How Scenar Works:

Scenar stimulates the body's own pharmacy with harmless electric impulses via skin nerves. The brain mediates a bio-energy feedback by altering output every few milliseconds. The process initiates the release of biological activators such as endorphins, neuropeptides and other mind/body stimulators. Biofeedback dynamics can induce remarkably rapid healing and function by unblocking "stuck" energy resonances and repetitive central nervous system patterns, allowing the body to heal itself.

Patients who have been treated with Scenar remarked they experience a tingling, prickly sensation on the skin. They reported dramatic relief from acute and chronic discomfort and feel "energized" after a brief treatment session.

Dr. Urbina's interests, as a licensed esthetician and Doctor of Chiropractic, has led her to pursue the application of Scenar for beauty and rejuvenation. Full Body Scenal Biofeedback restores equilibrium to unbalanced body systems, which may result in enhanced energy vitality and stress management. Scenar Facial Treatments promote neuromuscular reeducation and relaxation; creating a more youthful, rejuvenated look by strengthening the collagen matrix and muscular tissues of the face and neck.

Research Findings:
In Russia the Scenar device has been found to provide rapid pain relief, regulate and normalize body function and accelerate the resolution of pathological processes with diminished symptoms. Nearly 11,000 Russian practitioners surveyed reported on 50,000 cases:

93% success with treating eye conditions and diseases of the digestive tract;
84% improvement in repiratory problems;
82% success rate with circulatory disorders, including stroke, thrombosis & heart failure;
79% betterment of muscle injuries, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago and osteoporosis;
Significant results for a variety of neurological conditions;
Significant improvement of facial rejuvenation, as performed by Zulia Frost, M.D.

After several years of use, Scenar devices have been found to provide rapid pain relief, regulate and normalize body functions and accelerate the resolution of pathological processes with diminished symptoms. Russian Scenar doctors and Scenar therapists outside Russia have reported over the past years, many interesting treatment results.

The Western world first heard of Scenar during the 2000 Olympics when the Australian press dubbed it "Russia's Secret Weapon" - Athletes used it to treat minor injuries and speed up muscle repair. In the US, Scenar is accepted by the FDA as a class II cybernetic biofeedback device for relaxation training and muscle reeducation. In Europe, Scenar is certified for pain control. If you are look for immediate relief from stress, pain, injury, facial or full body rejuvenation, call for a Scenar evaluation today.

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