Client successes from Suddenly Younger and Slimmer

I've lost so far, about 15 pounds. It has been many, many years since I've been this close to my ideal weight. One of the other main reasons I continue to go to Suddenly Slimmer is because of the friendly atmosphere. A business place where the employees and owner are professional and friendly makes a great business. Places like this are far and few between. It is nice to know that there are still places that make a person feel so welcome! Dr. Dan, Dr. Urbina's husband is also very nice. They all seem like one big family. Denyse, the receptionist is also very nice and knows her job well. She has a knack for being so friendly and businesslike. No matter how busy she may be at the moment, she always will find time for any questions I may have. Last, but certainly not least, Dr. Urbina. There are no words that can describe how she has made my losing weight and making me look younger so easy. I have had so many people come up to me and tell me that I look so much youngerand that I look good. The compliments always make me feel good, for being married for thirty years and still get compliments! D.H.

"Gee, where to start. I am a 52 year old grandmother of 4 grand boys, ages 3-12 years old. I started coming to Suddenly Slimmer, back in February of this year. Since that time, I have been receiving "Radio Waves" treatments, which is a unique treatment with a pen-like gadget and normal saline. This is done on the face and/or neck areas. I have noticed a great improvement on the elasticity on my face and neck. The light wrinkles I did have are nearly non-existent. In my opinion, it is like a face lift, without surgery. I don't like pain, and this procedure is pain free. I am a stress eater. I learned that they have a weight program, where I was weighing in twice a week, and am now down to weighing once a week. This is a painless acupressure type treatment, called Auricular Therapy. I was so amazed, that the ear has many different where this procedure is done, different areas of the body is pain free, where there was pain before. It also helped with my appetite control. There is very pleasant 'mood' music that is played, throughout the time spent in the office. It felt like I was in a different world, where I got pampered. I have tried the massage and the body wrap. Yolanda, one of the massage therapists, knows just how hard or how soft to massage. The makeup line and facial serums, etc., are the best I've ever tried. I am hooked on the many different items there are, to keep up the skin, in-between treatments. Another treatment I have tried is the new Scenar treatment, which treats different pains that people have. It made my breathing problems subside. This is a new treatment that has been implemented into the Suddenly Slimmer program. The business is always finding new ways to improve one's health. Dr. Urbina had done chiropractic procedures on me, that has helped my pain."


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