Trigenics: What it is and How it Works

Trigenics - "the missing element" of total body care.
by Loreen Berlin

Seal Beach resident Elizabeth Fournier, 14, who attends Los Alamitos High School, said she recently tried Trigenics at "Suddenly Younger and Slimmer Inc.," in Los Alamitos after having suffered with knee and back pain since she was in the sixth grade. A runner, she had fallen over some starting blocks.

"I used to have really bad pains in my knees because I was a runner and popped out my right knee – and ever since then it’s been downhill as far as pain and re-popping my knee," Fournier said.

“I also used to have really bad neck and back pain, but when I went to Dr. Urbina for my knees, we started working on my knees and back and neck with Trigenics and SCENAR (self-controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation), and stretching with Trigenics and I have felt so much better, to where for the three weeks I’ve been coming here I have had no pain," Fournier said.

“I can now dance without pain, and we do all kinds of dance at school, and I’m getting stronger in my legs and upper body."

Elizabeth’s mother, Debbie, is equally enthusiastic about Trigenics for her daughter: “It’s a miracle! – we started with SCENAR by itself and the swelling in her knees went down and my daughter was able to move for the first time in months without pain – then once the knees were feeling better, we added Trigenics," she said with a smile.

"She’s pain free in what is now our third week of Trigenic treatments," Debbie said. "The orthopedist said there was a chance Elizabeth wouldn’t surf this summer, and now, with the Trigenics, she is planning on going snowboarding this month – I’m incredibly impressed with Trigenics because when Elizabeth’s knees were bothering her and she went to the orthopedic doctor, it wasn’t showing up on X-rays, but she was having pain."

Allan Oolo Austin, D.C. (doctor of chiropractic), CCSP, Ph.D., and a European Olympic Physician, based in Toronto, Canada, and Tallinn, Estonia, is credited with having developed Trigenics over the past 20 years.

“Trigenics is a revolutionary neurological treatment system that provides instant pain relief and accelerates healing while also strengthening muscles and corrects meridian energy problems,” said Austin.

Austin said, “How it works: the brain sends signals through the nervous system to control all of the body’s systems, including the muscles. Nerve sensors in the muscles send signals called ‘reflexes’ to the brain, telling it what the muscles are doing in order to coordinate movement in a symphonic manner with the brain serving as the director.

“If muscles undergo stress or injury, the sensors stop sending proper nerve reflex signals to the brain and the muscles become neurologically short or weak and cause improper joint movement.

In a state of neurological inhibition, the muscles will not strengthen or stretch fully with exercise or rehabilitation,” said Austin. “The NI may not immediately be noticed, but eventually leads to weak links in muscle movement that can lead to injury or deterioration,” he said.

"I am grateful to have been trained directly by Dr. Austin, the originator of Trigenics, and I love seeing the rapid pain relief and increased speed of healing in my patients," said Lorraine Urbina, D.C., Los Alamitos. “It makes it so rewarding to practice when I can see such immediate success from my work,” she said.

“I think it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no one treatment that’s right for everyone, but with Trigenics, we see a successful treatment outcome in the great majority of the cases – even as early as the first treatment,” Urbina said.

One Los Alamitos resident who also works locally (she requested anonymity), said that within one session of Trigenics, with Urbina, her pain was reduced 70 percent in the right shoulder. Prior to the first session, for several days she said she couldn’t look over her right shoulder. After the treatment, she not only could look over her shoulder but "with ease and without pain."

“I had been getting massage therapy every six weeks and it wasn’t helping. My right shoulder and shoulder blade were visibly swollen compared to my left one, but after three Trigenics sessions, my shoulder blades were even again – for the first time in two years," she said.

Like a lot of women, this lady was carrying a heavy bag with a laptop computer every day because of her job working on computers, plus taking care of a home. “I’m very impressed with the Trigenics immediate results because I actually felt relief and the treatments are easy to do," she said.

As a Registered Trigenics Physician (RTP), Urbina said it is possible to detect and assess neurological inhibition with Trigenics, and then through simultaneous application of a combination of three neuromanual techniques, the Trigenist can manipulate and redirect the nerve signals to effectively “reset” the way the brain communicates with the muscles and body.

Helena Loven, owner of Liberty Fitness Center in Cypress, said she went to Urbina several months ago. “I got relief from the knots of pain that I had in my neck and upper back," Loven said. "Dr. Urbina used the Trigenics Neurological Treatment System on me and I couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to return the flexibility to my neck and shoulders."

Loven said she was so impressed with Trigenics that she recommended it to her husband. “Norm was able to get relief from the sciatic pain in his back. The combination of Trigenics and chiropractic have given Norm tremendous relief from the pain," Loven said. “It has also done wonders for our posture. As we get older we tend to get into bad habits with posture, but with Trigenics it relaxes and strengthens the muscles so we can retrain the muscles to hold our body straight."

Long Beach resident Melissa Moran, a professor of English, radio show host and lead guitar in an all-girl rock band, “The Stockings," said she went to Urbina with a lot of back pain, resulting from standing and performing with the weight of the guitar on her petite frame. “Dr. Urbina used Trigenics on me, which has changed my life," Moran said. "It’s taken away the back pain and made me more flexible and stronger and has really improved my quality of life. I noticed a difference almost immediately, and with each successive treatment it has continued to improve."

Austin said that left unattended, tension imbalance because of neurological inhibition of spinal muscles, bones in the spine can become restricted. “NI cannot be corrected by mechanical deep tissue massage or other muscle techniques,” he said.

“Muscular weakness, "knots" and adhesions can be effectively treated through Trigenics by resetting the brain and nervous system first,” Austin said. “After resetting the neurological control with Trigenics, joint movement is also greatly enhanced and patients can begin to move properly again without forceful manipulation, and the body’s energy systems are also balanced and enhanced.”

Alexis Lewis of Long Beach, an avid swimmer and sports enthusiast, said, "I was overwhelmed at the relief I felt after my first Trigenics treatment with Dr. Urbina; my energy and spirits were lifted 100 percent as the Trigenics helped my lower back and hip pain, which was caused by over using the muscles."

Austin said conditions that can be treated with Trigenics include headaches, neck and back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, trigeminal neuralgia, stroke, asthma and fibromyalgia, among others.

Decathlon 2004 Olympian Kristdan Rahnu said, “Trigenics is a totally different approach to injury care and athletic performance enhancement. Not only did my pain completely disappear in one treatment, but I was very surprised with how significantly stronger I became, literally in minutes of receiving a Trigenics Sports Augmentation treatment. I have never had a treatment this effective!” said Rahnu.

Trigenics, is a sub-specialty of Chiropractic, and a Myoneural Medicine system that can be performed by a licensed health specialist such as a physical therapist, medical doctor, or chiropractor, or osteopath.

“The Trigenics technique is every manual therapy I’ve ever experienced all rolled into one. The combination of an Eastern acupressure approach with Western soft tissue manipulation has yielded immediate results that are both gratifying and encouraging. I have lived with pain and spasm for years without hope of lasting improvement. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’m glad Dr. Austin is undertaking the incredible effort involved to teach this technique to a broad-range of doctors and therapists. Many patients will certainly benefit,” said Dr. David Perely, MD, LAc, CCFP, and Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Toronto.

“Trigenics is a unique treatment that provides results when many other treatments have failed,” said Dr. E.S. Silver, MD, CCFP, FCFP.

Dr. Leah Watson, MD, Toronto, Ontario, Canada said, “Trigenics is much more effective and a great alternative to other forms of manual medicine and manipulation.”

“For Physiotherapists, Trigenics adds many aspects of neuro-muscular medicine concepts and applications for significantly increased results and treatment success,” said Line Troster, RPT, RTP, Toronto, Canada.

“Trigenics Myoneural Medicine is referred to as ‘the missing element’ of total body care because it corrects problems at the root, which is the brain and nervous system,” Austin said.

For information, call Urbina at 562/596-1019 or visit, or You may also view Urbina’s weekly "Wellness & Rejuvenation Show" on Los Alamitos TV3 at 7:30 Tuesday evenings.

Urbina is the owner of "Suddenly Younger and Slimmer Inc.," 4152 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, where her specialties are Trigenics, non-surgical face lifts - as well as anti-aging and slenderizing - all provided in a chiropractic/medical wellness environment.

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