Weight loss management in Los Alamitos 

Using Neural Research we have the fastest, safest way to lose weight currently known while you eat real food with complete appetite suppression naturally!

We are now getting the best results in group weight loss ever seen. As of this date, we know of no other weight loss program that has received the safe, high performance results that we are receiving.   

THIS IS NOT PHEN-FEN! This is not medications. This is not ephedrine or other controversial supplements. This is safe. The reality is, that after patients are on our program 6 weeks or less, most say they are feeling the best they have felt in years and that they never want to go back to living like they were. 

Many have been searching for the ideal weight management program which would involve optimal weight loss for most patients with little or no medications where the only thing the patient needs to have is motivation (the desire to lose weight). It is here now! We do have the things needed to make this happen right now.

Take a Break
with the
ControlBar – Appetite Management

• Delicious & Good for you – ControlBar is a great addition to any meal plan!
One challenge anyone counting calories or carbohydrates faces is living without the foods they love. ControlBar to the rescue! Available in scrumptious chocolate, peanut, mixed berry and apple cinnamon flavors, ControlBar is formulated to provide delicious taste without guilt!
• Its unique formula enables it to fit any Meal Plan
• Sugar free – Low-Carb and Low-Fat – High protein and High-fiber – Low glycemic index – Kosher – Gluten-free (except Apple Cinnamon).

A Breakthrough
Weight Management….
from an
Expert in Metabolism –

The carbohydrate dilemma - Our bodies need energy from carbohydrates to function optimally.
But the carbs in most foods convert to blood sugar too quickly, causing blood sugar and insulin levels to spike.
The spikes are not only a problem for people with diabetes, but also make it difficult to lose weight, because they prompt the body to make and store fat instead of burning it.
After years of research, Dr. Francine Kaufman (head of the Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Recent President, American Diabetes Association. Author of the book, Diabesity) developed a snack bar unlike any other. Her formula – a unique, patented blend of slow-burning carbohydrates, proteins and fats – converts to blood sugar so gradually it helps prevent blood sugar and insulin spikes for an unprecedented 9 hours.
You too can be a ControlBar Success Story – Try one today!
For more information talk to Dr. Lorraine Urbina, D.C. of Chiropractic, Registered Trigenics Physician, and Licensed Aesthetician at Suddenly Younger & Slimmer, Inc., Serving Cypress and Los Alamitos Area at (714) 348-4492 or visit www.suddenlyyoungerand slimmer.com

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